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  1. Trailer Conditions

    When are you going to post about trail conditions? I want to come up and ride but don’t know how the conditions are. I need time to put in a vacation request, make arrangements, pack, etc….
    Armstrong Creek area is what I am looking for.

    Thank You
  2. Pictures Wanted!!

    Hello, I work for the Forest County Forestry and Parks Department and we are looking for pictures of people snowmobiling in Forest County. Please tell us where on the trail or what club's trails the picture was taken, if you can. Pictures can be sent to When sending pictures, you are releasing them to us to use on websites, brochures, the snowmobile map, etc.


    Forest County Foresty & Parks
  3. South of Benson Lake Road to Wabeno

    No one commented why the trials has been rough every time I road it this year....last week I went south of Benson Lake Road to Wabeno and again is was rough. This was a 10 am Saturday morning. I would expect the in the afternoon. I don't think they are grooming Friday night. Does anyone know if they are planning on grooming Friday night? This very well could be the last weekend.
    Need to know if I should head that direction again or just go to Florence count.
  4. Global Warming

    by , 02-25-2015 at 03:48 PM (My Little Snow Covered Corner of the World Wide Web)
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    At first they called it "Global Warming"...
    But after a series of super cold freezing spells....
    Noobody would "buy into it".
    So, now they call it "Climate Change" instead.
    Back in the day, we had a single word to describe this strange phenomenon....
    We called it: WEATHER.
  5. Benson Lake south to Wabeno

    Quote Originally Posted by smitty View Post
    I am not sure if it is just me but has anyone else notice the trail from Benson lake south into Wabeno has been rough all season? Also I notice no updates from Wabeno for a week. I know the Florence trails are amazing. Great base, great riding in that direction.
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