So Sad............

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Take your seat, get comfortable, the Fat Lady is singing. It is that time to pull out the boat and put in the sleds. Such a bitter sweet time of the year. Always seems like there is never a long enough season, and this one was a short one here in the "south". It had seemed that trail administers had given up early down here, but I'm sure they had their reasons. Some good snow and too many meltdowns will be one of this years headlines. Even the north was affected by it. Most likely I would complain anyways, no matter what the season was like, it is just hard not too. Nine or so months between seasons makes it hard not too. Don't get me wrong.....each and every time I got to ride this season was worth every day of waiting. Some people can't understand us sledheads and our passion for the sport, but we all know the reward it creates. Thanks to all the people that give their time to the sport we all relish, without them, it would not be what we know it as today. I think of the past season and how relatively safe it was. Our prayers go out to those families that had to endure the hardship and pain of the season.
Now is the time to remember the good outings, the new friends, and all the beauty we experienced this season. Come September, maybe earlier for some, those snow flakes will start to show up in my mind and will be time to start thinking of a new season. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the summer. Before we know it, the fat lady will be back in the closet and hopefully she will get comfortable in there for a long time


  1. thomas's Avatar
    its time to get the bike out not the boot lol look at the pic lot of snow up north we r missing it