Armstrong Creek

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I tried to post about rough trails on December 29 and 30th in the Armstrong Creek area. But it must have been deleted?
I want to say that the trails around Armstrong Creek were much better on January 2nd.
I put them down earlier in the week and wanted to say they were much better on Friday.
Not sure if this will get posted?
may be only the good get posted?
Happy riding!
190 miles on Friday, would say that about 95% of the trails were in great shape
the 5% rough are still the trails near the swamp areas, but seem to be well frozen to start grooming?


  1. Jim's Avatar
    I'm sorry that happened, but I don't think anything got deleted. I was wondering if maybe you tried to make your post before your user account was fully approved? Every new user account must be manually approved, to prevent the drive-by spammers and North Korean types off the board. I am usually pretty quick with the manual approval process, but it's quite possible that you may of tried to post before I got to it (your user account approval). Sorry. Please feel free to post any of your trail reports here!