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Thread: Corridor 3 south of Niagara

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    Default Corridor 3 south of Niagara

    This past Saturday, my posse and I tried to run up to Niagara from Dunbar. (Yes, it was starting to get pretty snirty during the Thermonuclear Meltdown!!) We ran 16 east to 3 North, intending to go all the way up. However, when we reached the intersection at Barlow lake Rd and Brown Spur Rd (intersection 107, I think?) there was no marking for 3 to follow Barlow Lake, as expected, nor did we see many tracks suggesting anyone has been running that way. Being usure, we conservatively opted instead to take the top loop (Brown Spur/Ernst/FR 533) back over to 16 and eventually back to Dunbar.

    So the question is, does 3 still follow Barlow Lake Road? If so, and if it is supposed to be signed - we couldn't find the signage.

    (Side note, the mile or so section off of Brown Spur through the swamp over to O was quite an adventure! Very thankful for my upright riding Nytro - my buddy on his 90's Doo 600 took a severe beating! Actually rode that section 3X cuz I thought it was fun!)

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    If this is the trail that went between niagara and aurora, it was shut down by the landowner

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